Tuesday, August 31, 2010

One down... 47 to go...

Month update. Doesn't 47 sound so much nicer than 199? I'm officially going to speak in months from now on, never weeks.

SO, the med stud's (my new name for Dr.N, since the former name was a bit controversial, and I like med stud better anyway. It's short for med student, and by shortening it, it turns into what he is....major stud. I know, I'm clever,) been at it for 1 month. The schedule has changed a bit from the first week. He leaves a little earlier and gets home a little later. He's also afraid of getting fat (after all, the ONLY thing he does is sit- sit and read, sit and study, sit in lecture, sit to eat, oh, and sleep) so he's started riding his bike to school (8 miles), which takes more time away now but prevents the risk of heart attack and stroke, so I'll let it slide...

He's had several small quizzes and one big quiz, and his first exams are coming up next week. He is still getting plenty of sleep (well, about 6.5 hours or so each night) and doesn't seem like the sullen-and-fried med student type yet. Fried, maybe a little, but sullen, nope.

And me? Keeping busy is harder to do now, since we are all moved in and settled, and my new position in this strange new land doesn't start for another 2 months.  I tell you what, 3 months of vacation may have been AWESOME  in the 4th grade, but not anymore!

Some days are harder than others. Lately I've gotten to feeling a little bit like I'm quarantined. More on dealing with that later. (once I find out how to....)


Unknown said...

47 definitely sounds much better than 199!! lol
I bet the next two months will fly by. I know it is hard to enjoy because you're bored sick but try your best to take advantage of this time of NOTHING!!! Things will get crazy soon!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how vacation as an adult isn't quite what it was when you were a kid? I have more than a day off and I don't know what to do with myself!

I remember all the ten gajillion quizzes and exams... YUCK. Seemed like my husband was always studying for SOMETHING!

Hang in there!