Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Emotional Deposits

Medical School = The Land of Many Loans

Not just financial loans either.

A few months ago when the words 'subsidized' and 'variable interest rates' were becoming all to common in our household I started to think about other things we are probably going to be short on.

Time together.




Money loans are scary, but at least they are somewhere to turn when you don't have enough of something, right?

SO: We decided to make a little (actually a BIG) deposit in the marriage bank. We quit our jobs early and have spent the last 6 weeks travelling around, visiting our families, relaxing, and enjoying each other. We have literally spent every second together.

It has been wonderful, and we have been able to build up a pretty fantastic reserve. We'll be running short by next summer, I'm sure, but no worries, by then we'll be able to make some more deposits.


Life of a Doctor's Wife said...

I love the analogy... And I'm so glad you were able to spend some time making memories together! My husband and I did that before med school too, and it was well worth it.

Medical Wife said...

: ) So happy that you guys got to have that time together. It's so invaluable and important and you will cherish it continually (e.g. remember when we had 6 whole weeks of nothing but being together? That was the best. I can't wait until we can have that again soon!)

Great start to being a medical school wife.