Monday, August 2, 2010

First Day

Lab coat: $25.00
Lap top computer: $1,400.00
New scrubs: $20.00
Tuition: $168,000.00 (and counting)
Learning how to save lives every single day: priceless

I've had 17 first-day-of-schools (I counted this morning during breakfast). Each one of them I've picked out an outfit the night before, woken up that morning super excited, waved goodbye to parents/siblings/roommates/husband and headed off. 

This first-day-of-school was different. For the first time, I stayed home, the one being waved to. 

It is a weird feeling, one that I suspect mothers feel when sending their children to school for the first time. Kind of like my heart is being squeezed, I have a lump in my throat, and I'm filled with all sorts of worries. 

What if he gets lost looking for his classroom?
What if he can't keep up in school?
What if he doesn't LIKE this school?
What if he spills his lunch on his shirt and the other kids make fun of him?
(This is a legitimate concern - it happened to my brother in the 6th grade. It's a good thing we moved 8 months later because he was still being teased.) 
What if he doesn't make friends?
What do I do now?

I didn't think I was going to cry, but as I stood in the driveway waving goodbye even after I couldn't see the car anymore, I choked up. 

I don't really know what to expect from the next 4 years, but I do have a feeling that life will never be the same. 

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