Friday, June 4, 2010

Who Gives the Best Advice?

So, today in my tennis class I was talking to my instructor about moving and medical school and all those things that seem to be the only topic of conversation these days.

I really do like it when people give us advice about med. school. It makes me feel more prepared and excited.

My tennis instructor's advice, however, was less than exciting.

He told me of an old roommate of his who went to medical school. While in school, he and his wife had to make a goal to stay married. Their philosophy: let's try our best to just stay married; we can't expect more.

His advice was actually very helpful. It got me thinking. I don't want to just 'stay married'. I want our marriage to be made stronger THROUGHOUT med. school, not AFTER it. Everyone says, "Our marriage is so much stronger because of what we went through." I want to be able to say "Our marriage has been getting stronger from day one, and during medical school it was no different. We didn't put anything on hold. We didn't just wait for it to end. We rocked it!"

I'm not naive. At least, not completely. I realize it's going to be mostly up to me to accomplish that goal. I realize that the give-and-take of our relationship will change drastically. But I DON'T want to look back in 8 years and say, "Phew, glad that's over! That was the WORST." after spending a quarter of my life wanting it to be over. Or be the person that gives the advice, "don't worry, it goes by fast," or especially, "just TRY to stay married - that's all you can expect."

No, I plan on kickin' it! I've yet to hear a med. wife say, "I just loved the time we were in med. school." Well, let's see if it can be done.


Katie said...

You go, girl!

Med wife? Med life? Med marriage? no've got this.

John Styles said...

Being married to a Dr. I think it is possible :)

Life of a Doctor's Wife said...

Yep - you can rock it out of the park!

Mrs. Doctor Jackson said...

totally with you on this one :)

medicalwife said...

While medical school has been long and there are days I can't wait for it to be over, I will say I have enjoyed every minute of it with my husband. You are totally right in wanting to be able to say, "I totally loved the time we were in med. school."

Also, hi! I just randomly found your blog! I'm looking forward to reading more of it.

Unknown said...

It sucks because the stories that we DO hear about medical relationships/marriages are all negative. The bottom line - they aren't all that way. And there are med students and doctors who DO want to make their marriage work and realize that it is going to take extra hard work because of the field they are in.

You guys are going to make it - no doubt about it!!!