Saturday, August 7, 2010

More Advice

Dr. N was in a pre-med med-prep class at college. One day there was a class for the spouses. The wife of a prominent doctor in town - who also happened to be the president of our college - gave the lecture.

Her Dr. N (Who was actually Dr.C) was INTENSE. So much so, that on their wedding day he spent the morning getting married, the afternoon in an organic chemistry class, and the evening at their wedding reception. This woman had more patience than I knew existed.

Anyway, one of the pieces of advice she gave has stuck with me (I've forgotten all the rest).

She said, "Do everything you can on your own."

I didn't really understand at first, but she went on.

"Buy a ladder. Use rubber bands to open jars. Take out the trash. Do all you can around the house that you can, so that when something you can't do comes along, he can do it for you."

Our toilet broke the other day. First instinct: Dr. N will be able to fix this for sure.

Second instinct: Remember what Mrs. Dr. C said? Can I do this??

Turns out I could! All it took was a screw-driver and serious control for my gag reflexes. Since then I have changed 7 light bulbs, fixed the shower handle, and taken the trash out....twice.

I've also killed numerous spiders. Only while Dr.N is away though. That's still one of the things that is specifically HIS job when he's here. Maybe someday I'll be man enough....we'll see.

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Wife.. Mom... etc.. said...

I feel the same about spiders.. yuck!!