Monday, September 6, 2010

In Sickness and in Health

Tonight we are definitely experience the sickness.

Tomorrow are Stud's first 2 block exams. Which means our Labor Day weekend was made up of Stud studying and me being bored. Until this afternoon, when Stud started to feel.... queasy.

He lied down in his study at about 3:30. When I came up to bring him a snack I noticed he looked a little grayish. I read to him, quizzed him, and helped him study until about 5:30 when he started to be REALLY sick. Like, sick when the 'sick' actually comes out of you. I rubbed his back while he leaned over the toilet and, in between vomits, I read him more flashcards.

THIS continued until about 10:00 pm.

(There was one slight break when I went downstairs to grab some ice water for Stud - while I was gone he ended up being 'sick' in the toilet, and then not wanting to lean into that sick, decided to get sick in the bathtub. It was then that I moved stud from the bathroom to the bedroom (with a few buckets) and double-bleached the whole bathroom for the next half-hour. It was gross.)

Finally, Stud started to feel well enough to fall asleep. Hopefully there aren't any more episodes tonight and he can recover enough to do well on his block exams tomorrow.

Usually I do NOT like helping the Stud study. I get ultra-bored reading him notes or quizzing him on flashcards. But tonight it was not hard for me or boring at all. My heart hurt so much for my poor husband that I wanted to do whatever I could to help him feel just a little bit better.

I wonder if this experience, GROSS as it was, will help me be a better study-buddy in the future?

I hope so - because that's one way to get Stud to spend more time with me!


Unknown said...

Ugh- I hope he feels better soon and you don't get what he has!!!

Michelle said...

Wow - I hope he feels better and does really well on his exams because you helped him!

Anonymous said...

You're a saint. If this isn't the portrait of marital dedication, I don't know WHAT is!

Mel said...

Stuff like this always seems to happen at the absolute worst time! I hope he feels better soon and still does well on his exams. And kudos to you for your med wife awesomeness!

Lauren said...

: ( I hope his exam went okay! That completely sucks. And you are a fabulous medical wife for standing by, helping him keep going with the studying!

Squeaky said...

Hello! Just found your blog and have enjoyed reading. We also just went through first exams and sickness, though it was just a cold so nothing compared to you!